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christmas toys for those living in poverty

  • Ronnie 

With Christmas approaching, our TV screens will be filled with adverts showing happy families surrounded with gifts and a table creaking under the weight of food placed on top of it. Sadly this image of Christmas will not be replicated in many households this year. Many children will go without a gift and will not partake in a hearty Christmas meal. Some children will receive their present minus wrapping paper as the cost of the paper and sellotape is more than the present that has been purchased.

As a charity we try to provide children with toys at Christmas but need to be careful as some toys take batteries, which some will not be able to afford to purchase. Other items require additional materials to be purchased i.e. cooking type toys. Once again the child may not be able to play with the toy as the household will not have the extra items needed to make the toy work.

When purchasing and donating toys to charities that provide for children at Christmas, please remember that it is helpful if you provide toys that can be played with on opening.

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