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Toy Bank

About the project

Up to 250 low income families are given invitations to our Christmas shop via local schools.

​Parents / guardians get to select a present and a book for each of their children (up to 800 children).

Parents then gift wrap presents and take them home to give to their children on Christmas day.

What people say

No judging here, no opinions, just kind people trying to do kind things in a very difficult time. To make a child smile when that child was in a very dark place is as heart warming as anything. As a family we were in that place looking at Christmas with nothing but with their help we had a great Christmas. Not just that, they didn’t forget about us, they kept in contact and have been angels on our shoulders ever since

I work with children and families who are vulnerable and where children can be at
risk of significant harm. The help from the toy bank is amazing and means that their
children have presents

It was incredible, I absolutely cannot state what a huge difference this charity has made to our local families and we are extremely grateful for this support

I would like to say a massive thank you to you all for all the much appreciated hard work and kindness that has gone into today

The volunteers at the toy bank are really supportive and helpful in choosing the right
gift to make Christmas special for the families