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Being a good neighbour?

Our Banana Box Toy Project has been running for two years and continues to grow. For example, in the first 6 months of 20221 we provided 114 children with boxes of educational and special needs toys, and in the first six months of 2022 we have provided for 174 children. We aim to contribute to reducing poverty by providing educational toys to children that will promote learning and the development of social skills.

We have also learned some lessons from feedback received such as try not to put toys in that need batteries and do not give older children jigsaws with more than 500 pieces. However, the most important lesson we have learned is to make connections with organisations and individuals who come into contact with families who may benefit from receiving toys from our charity. The people involved do have a relationship with the family’s we are trying to reach and if they request boxes of toys on the families behalf, then we drop the toys off with the requestor who will then deliver to the family.

In order to reach those most in need we need a network of “good neighbours” who can take the initiative and request boxes of toys on the family’s behalf. Could you be a good neighbour? If so, then please contact us at

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